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How To Design A Small Urban Garden by Hannah Gray

You don’t need to be a pro to try this one and it’s just as easy to start from scratch. The main part is the design, which is what we’ll be focusing on. Don’t try too much at once, just follow these simple steps.

1. What will you be doing in your garden? Is it just for you or will the whole family be over? Will there be children around? Do you want something pretty to look at or something that you can actively experience?

2. How much spare time do you have? Will you be able to maintain the garden regularly or do you want it to look good with minimum upkeep?

3. Look at the space that you have. It’s no use planning a huge garden to fit in a tiny allotment! Sketch out an idea of what you’re looking for and use a kit to test the acidity in your soil so you know what kind of plants to buy.

4. Watch your garden to see where the shadows fall at different times in the day. If some areas are in the sun or shade all day then you have to buy plants that cater to those needs.

5. Set a budget! Gardening can be expensive, don’t plan for something that you can’t afford.

6. Start drawing out your design. You need to think about the location of plants and tiles, do you want decking, do you want to move or build a shed? This is the creative part.

7. Think of how you will move through the garden. If it’s small perhaps a bench at the centre and a pathway through could be nice. If it’s bigger you may want to make it more of an exploration.

8. Plan your boundaries. This can be very important, especially if your neighbours are close by. Think about fences, hedges, trees and the height of these.

9. Plan where and when you’re going to plant things. Some flowers need to be planted at a very specific time in the year and don’t bloom until much later so keep that in mind when deciding on locations.

10. Make a schedule. It can’t all be done in a day!