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How To Ask Someone On A Date by Hannah Gray

This is for boys AND girls. I don’t believe in the old fashioned thing of only boys asking girls and not the other way around. In fact, I reckon that boys probably find it quite sexy when a girl uses her initiative and asks them out. 

1. First introduce yourself to the person that’s caught your eye.

2. Now ask for their phone number. Or, if you fancy working the modern day angle, ask for their last name and see if you can add them on Facebook!

3. Message them or call them at a decent time, you don’t want it to be too late but not when they’re at work either.

4. Reintroduce yourself because no one likes to say “I’m sorry who is this??”

5. Ask them if they want to meet up. Listen for the signals! If they don’t want to, get out of there fast.

6. Arrange a casual meet up, something short like a cup of coffee. That way there’s no pressure and very little expectations.